About ebourse.com.

ebourse.com is a long term project of HRH as a result of his professional experience as a private equity investor and fundraiser.

Very often exciting & promissing projects fail because they are not funded adequately or by the wrong promoters.

ebourse targets to create an open market for private equity and start up projects not only for first round financing rounds but for the whole lifecycle of such companies.


to become the leading market place for private equity and SME's to find financing and exit solutuions including the sttlement of succession and generation follow up of the enterpreneurship.

  • We will build a global database for an electronic exchange of SME investment and devestment opportunities;
  • We will build up a community of SME-affin and -minded investors that want to find alternative ways to invest and grow their wealth
  • We want to launch an eBourse Investment Fund with the objective to achieve above average ROI through investing and trading in companies listed on the eBourse platform
  • We will create a SME-succession & -financing ecosystem to increase the tradeability and accelerate the liquidity of participation certificates in private equity and SME's which can become an attractive new alternative investment category.