Project/SME  presentation & platform-listing

Project/SME financing

Project/SME tradability

SME Generation transition

Presenting and structuring your project/SME

Too many projects fail in their earliest stage, because they never where could adressed to the right circle of potential investors and therefore were never visible to interested investors. Very often SME are structured as private limited companies (GmbH's), so that the stock or parts of it is not tradeable without notary deed..
Finaning the project/SME

The best project will not succeed if it is not adequately financed. Banks are still relunctant to credit SME's, even though they can refinance such credits for cost close to zero today. This proves that there is a system-relevant credit & financing lack in our economies that can only resolved by new conceptual approaches.   It is our concept to issue SEGA-backed converible loan certificates which are easily and liquidly tradeable.
Exit & Trading of units of SME

Real exit perspectives are an important factor for getting an investment at the right time and volume  when really needed. An IPO should not be foreseen as the first choice for a financial exit from such an investment, since only extremely few company's can realistically plan for an IPO at a liquid exchange in a reasonable time frame.